D. Cooper Stevenson
October 20, 2010 0

PLUG Advanced Topics: Allison Randal

By in Linux

Allison Randal gave a presentation entitled, “Ubuntu Release Engineering” last night in Portland. During her presentation Allison gave some insights into how she coordinates the efforts of her developers and how the release cycle helps make sure the project members’ efforts are coordinated.

Allison displayed two graphs in particular that piqued my interest. The first was a sloping bar graph depicting the completed tasks in green and the incomplete tasks in red. The green area at the top increased in area while the red area decreased as time progressed. The graph was visual way of representing project progress over time. It also clearly showed how much still needed to be done. Instantly. Very nice.
The second graph showed the spacial relationship between the various projects in Ubuntu’s world. The graph was created automatically through scripts that perform natural language parsing the work orders. From that information an updated spatial view of the relationships between the projects is created.
You can tell that Allison cares about her people and the projects she oversees. She’s really conscious to make sure she has her finger on the pulse of the OSS community.

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