D. Cooper Stevenson
October 23, 2010 0

Week 42 Predictions

By in Artificial Nerual Networks

Here are this week’s predicted vs. actual  graphs. I transposed my prediction graphs with this week’s Yahoo! weekly graph. I did this as I’m now pushing more toward a business, “USA Today” look and less toward  “hard line” engineering output. I want to provide meaningful results for investors that they can easily use.

Overall my predictions are pretty good. I know from other experiments this week that the proper selection of inputs is critical to the prediction’s outcome. While I haven’t looked yet at two more securities I analyzed, I am nearly certain that they will “bomb.” My backtesting/numerical analysis showed that the neurals didn’t “get” the other two securities I analyzed with the inputs I supplied. In other words, if the neurals are going to be wrong, I can tell you ahead of time with fair certainty. Here are the two I knew would be right. I bet with more experimentation I will make them even better (hint: trend reversal signals):

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