D. Cooper Stevenson
January 19, 2011 1

Artificial Neural Networks: Principles and Applications

By in Artificial Nerual Networks, Information Technology

I gave an Advanced Topics presentation last night in SE Portland. I had a lot of fun and judging from the audience’s reaction I gauge my presentation a success.

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One Response to “Artificial Neural Networks: Principles and Applications”

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for the presentation you did at PLUG… It was very inlightening and sparked a lot of ideas.
    I mentioned there is a very strong organization around investment clubs and was involved in one and ran it for two years. You can find info about the ideas of how to organize… but that is just the structural club component – it helps to see working organizations for building trust and working order.. the method of organizing and investing is best when there is a team of people working together and investing together since non of us have time to do it full time.

    I know that there are online investment clubs. There may be some using ANN to do their research but not sure… There may be open websites that describe there tools and processes… but I would be interested in working with others to see if we can build a new club using ANN and Independent Investment Club with a group of techies. What is nice about this is the club decides how much dues are and monthly about to invest… Say $50 to join and $25 a month to as a member. the key is to pool knowledge and skills to build solid tools to invest with.
    If we can add some DBAs, web dev, server specialist, other opensource specialist and keep adding knolwedge to a group of 5-15 users, this would make for an interesting club…

    Now this may already exit and I just need to find them and join… or I need to find like minded team and build a club to share resources.

    Open to you coments and please contact.

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