D. Cooper Stevenson
September 17, 2010 0

Carbon Fiber: Accept No Substitutes

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I have a goal. I will purchase a carbon fiber bike this spring. I’ve read through the reviews (that need to be taken with a grain of salt) and reports from an independant bike frame tester.

The best candidate so far is the CUBE Agree GTC race.

Cube Agree GTC Race

Cube Agree GTC Race

I’m excited to hear that John would like to take our riding up a step and do some winter training. This is good as it compliments my winter activities. John himself is definitely a strong rider. We have a good mix of just relaxing with a little competitiveness. It would be tough to ask for better. Also, in the course of full disclosure, my seeing John glide up Council Crest on his carbon definitely played a role in my decision to buy.

I’ll ride my Olmo this winter and start fresh this spring with fresh carbon. I told Chris yesterday that if I achieve the goal of getting this bike I _will_ ride the Seattle To Portland this year.

Stay tuned–look for maps showing our rides on this site.

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