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September 22, 2010 2

The Game of Go at Powell’s

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Powell’s Books hosts the Portland Go Club every Tuesday night beginning at 6:00 p.m. Doug and I headed down to have a look. Two long tables were arrayed with Go boards with players sitting opposite of each other. You could hear the stones tap and shuffle on the boards as you walked past. I estimate about 16 games goin on.

Doug and I went around to each of the games and said our “hello’s.” We then took a look at some books. I’m impressed by how much Doug knows not just about the game itself but also of the game’s people and rich history. I felt like I was on a guided tour spanning several hundred years.

We settled down for a game. The first game was just about laying down stones. No pressure, we laid stones down just to get in the “groove” really. After our first foray, Doug and I played an instructional game. This for me was the most challenging and the most informative. When Doug teaches about the game, he doesn’t just show you what the possible good plays are–he tells you why. He tells you how a play affects the game in the “local” sense as well as it’s relationship to the overall dynamics of the board.

I have to say that it’s fascinating to learn how a stone played on one end of the board has “everything to do” with stones played on the other end.

The game is visceral, it’s fun. The “feeling” of your playing with but also cooperating with your opponent has a “flow” that’s easier experienced than described.

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  1. doug cable says:

    Outstanding…pretty cool having your own website with which to add stuff like this. We’ll have to add some jpegs of Powell’s go??

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